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Welcome to my archive of digital witchery! Representing the unseen lurking in the in-between.
I try to keep the art on this website lingering somewhere between darkness and light, always striving to push the threshold between beautiful and grotesque – conjuring the fantastical into this existence through creativity and passion for my craft.  View Portfolio

Check out my art on instagram @theartofmedictairie and medictairie_illustrator – updated daily with new art.

About Medic Tairie

I am an east coast Designer/ Tattoo artist, from Moncton, NB – who has recently moved to Calgary, I am currently tattooing out of Human Kanvas, Sunridge!

– Over 10 years of experience in the Graphic design industry – Entrepreneur since 2016.
– 2 years tattooing – Please see my most current portfolio on instagram @medictairie_illustrator
– 11+ in traditional and digital illustration, I’ve taught at college level for 2 terms.
– 3 years working with Zombie Manor (Moncton) with 15+ volunteers, doing SFX makeup, marketing, merch prop creation and acting in an award-winning Haunted attraction – I wish to continue supporting haunts in Canada.
Displate (metal posters) and Inkbox artist ( temporary tattoos)
– Consignment artist/rep for Primal Contact Lenses
– Published poet, creative writer – currently creating a coloring book.

Currently I am self-employed working as a tattooist at Human Kanvas, and designing under my business ‘Red Dahlia Design’. I am open to any and all opportunities to grow in any of my industries. The art of Medic Tairie is Red Dahlia’s dark twin – I am always looking to take my work step further, and learn more.

This online store was created to take my art to the next level by creating wearable/usable, high quality merchandise. This brand offers me unlimited creativity without restraint – I’d say it is ‘wickedly sacred’. All designs are created by yours truly.

Since the beginning of my design career, I’ve merged visual appeal with usability and practicality. This work however, allows me to blur the lines between reality and the depths of my imagination. Growing as such has allowed me to produce riveting and creative promotional materials for multiple types of businesses, in a wide variety of industries.

Aside from design and what you find on this website – I dabble in video, character design, photography & modeling, creative writing and poetry.

Red Dahlia Design

Graphic design services
Branding, business cards, promotional materials, web design, consultation and more.

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