Like Dr. Frankenstein - I've created a Monster.

Welcome to my online store! Please be patient as I fine tune this website, new products and portfolio gallery will be added and updated regularly as well as advertised on my Instagram (@TheArtOfMedicTairie) and Facebook- The Art of Medic Tairie Please also refer to these links for portfolio and past work. I hope you find my illustrations and art work interesting!

I've set out to peek beyond the veil, seeing the unseen lurking in the in-between. Dark and light, beautiful to grotesque, I will present it all and more with my unique brand of digital witchcraft. Conjuring the fantastical into this existence by any and all means…

I am a professional Graphic Designer/Illustrator, with over 10 years experience - Currently based out of Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

Self-Employed under my more corporate structured business Red Dahlia Design, I've begun to take my art to the next level by creating wearable/usable, high quality merchandise.

Since the beginning of my career, my goal has been to merge visual appeal with usability, darkness with beauty and I've always had a penchant for creating the creatures that lurk in the depths of dreams. This has allowed me to produce riveting and creative promotional materials for multiple types of businesses - but my heart lies with bands, musicians, horror lovers and outside-the-box advertising. I am always looking to take my work step further.

Aside from custom t-shirt designs, art prints and band merch designs - I provide Freelance FX Makeup & character design Services (working with Zombie Manor), Body Painting, Photography & Modeling, Creative Writing and Handmade art. Thank you for viewing!

Your support is very greatly appreciated! Please spread the word :)